Usability is the key to effective web design. 5B Technologies offers development, redesign or maintenance of professional, cross-functional, search-engine friendly websites.

It's important that your website doesn't just work for most people, it should work for everyone who visits your site. We specialize in html5 front-end development (XHTML, CSS, and Javascript) and PHP/WordPress development.


More than two hundred million American consumers, and as many as 600 million world-wide, actively use the Internet to get information, make purchase decisions, and buy products and services. The Internet marketplace will only expand in coming years, and thanks to the comparably low cost of launching a Web business, it may represent the most effective — and inexpensive — way for entrepreneurs and small businesses to acquire new customers.

While launching a Web business can help you sell products and services around the clock and around the world, its greatest impact may be felt closer to home as more and more customers use the Internet to find businesses in their neighborhoods. Whether you're building global brand awareness and credibility, or helping local customers find you, your Web site has become a necessary tool to help keep pace with your competition, near and far.